Serving Christ and the community.

We see a community of believers who are learning to invest their lives in the mission of God to the world.

We believe that it is not coincidence or chance that we are together in this place, at this time, but the purpose and plan of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We understand the commission of the Church to go to everyone, everywhere and share the good news that there is a God who purposed and planned for their existence, loves them, and wants a real relationship with them.

We believe that God has caused a community of believers to grow in this place as a demonstration to those around of his loving presence.

We therefore feel called to be involved in serving Christ and his purposes by serving the community.

We believe there is a time approaching when increasing numbers will come to know Jesus for themselves and their presence will draw other people towards Him.

We believe that some will find shelter and refuge in this place and will be able to heal and grow.

We know that we are part of a world wide mission and as such are prepared to release and encourage people to be all that the Lord has planned for them to be.