This is the home page about our beliefs and Church. In this section of the website you will discover what we believe to be essential about our faith and how we are organised as a church. These pages are being constantly reviewed and updated as we reflect on who we are and how God has shaped us as a community of friends.

Things you will discover here are:

             Beliefs - things we consider basic beliefs
             Leadership - information concerning our leadership team
             Membership - notes regarding our views on becoming 'rooted', commited and a member at FCC
             Affiliation - what sort of church is FCC? Is it affiliated to any other group?
             Vision - notes expressing FCC's mission locally and beyond
             History - this page gives a short background to the formation of FCC
             Baptism - information is stored here regarding our teaching on baptism
             Marriage - we consider relationships vitally important and this page explains why
             Parenting - notes to help parents and scriptures to remember
             Child dedication - we value children highly and believe in honouring family life, all explained here