Fairfield Community Church


Fairfield Park Development stands on the site of a Victorian asylum. The asylum was named the Three Counties Mental Asylum and originally was envisaged as a place of safety and refuge for those in  need and vulnerable in society. The architects designed the accommodation to be much larger than necessary in order to give the institution an openness uncommon at the time.

Over the years the asylum was filled to capacity and beyond and became increasingly run down. By the end of the twentieth century there were fewer and fewer residents and less and less services. For many that knew and loved the place this was an extremely sad period of time. In 1999 the asylum finally closed and was sold off for housing development. 

During the following decade between 800 and 1000 dwellings were built on the park, all keeping to the brief of a Victorian styled community. The old Fairfield Hall was converted into high end apartments and a new school, community centre, pocket parks and small collection of shops built to the south. Two orchards, the cricket and bowling greens were incorporated into the development. 

As the building work was beginning the leadership at King’s Baptist Church in Stotfold considered moving to the derelict, though large, St. Luke’s chapel on the North side of the Hall. Plans were drawn up and costings investigated. However, it became obvious that this was not the right thing to do and plans were put on hold. 

As building work got underway members of the KBC congregation continued to pray around the proposed site and a small group formed a discipleship group who met on the development. The leadership at KBC, by September 2009, felt that it was time to begin a public meeting in the new school hall on Sunday mornings and eight people from the congregation became part of this set up group. 

Over the next few years things progressed until on September 30th 2012 Fairfield Community Church was officially launched as an independent church within the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Rev’d Neil Whitmill was installed as the inaugural Minister. 

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