Fairfield Community Church


Purpose and Definition of Missions

The Biblical basis for a local Church’s Mission Program.

  • To fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ-Matthew 28: 18-20 and Acts 1:8
  • To take responsibility for the practical areas of agency as the arm of God in sending and overseeing world evangelism, church planting, and training of nationals throughout the world. (Acts 13: 1-5.. .14:21-23) 
  •  To proclaim and glorify God to the world. (1 Peter 2:9) 

The agreement with the Vision Statement of FCC, but to be involved beyond the local sphere of influence of our community, reaching to people and ministry in a different socio-cultural setting.

UGANDA 2016 Mission

Fairfield Community Church with Smile International

In August 2016 we sent sixteen people to Kampala, Uganda to work alongside a Smile International team in providing a medical outreach, health education, children’s club and building works – including building a house for a widow. The total cost of the Mission was resourced from the provision of God quite miraculously.

Many people in our local community have been very generous and supported this venture.  We serve a great God whose heart is towards those in great need. 


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